04 Nov

Sofi A: “Polline” by Goncharov

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Sofi A: “Polline” by Goncharov

Dark, darling, elegant, and sweet, Sofi’s multifaceted beauty is highlighted in a woodsy gallery.

Last week, new model Sofi turned many heads at Met Art in a stunning debut gallery by Goncharov. In her sophomore appearance, Sofi gives another dazzling performance, bringing her timeless beauty to a rustic and woodsy setting. An instant Met classic, this tall and willowy brunette provokes the senses and stirs the imagination with every move she makes.

“Polline” is a truly romantic photo shoot, set outside a log cabin in the woods. Photographer and model arrived on the scene just as afternoon began to cast its bluish shadows across the surrounding woods, lending an other worldly glow to the scene. In these bucolic environs, Sofi is barefoot and dressed in a colorful sundress. A large glass necklace hangs from her neck, highlighting her tender décolleté and bringing out her surprisingly ample bosom.

Sofi was blessed with a perfect womanly figure: long slender legs, a full bosom, a trim waist, and a toned abdomen. Her long dark locks and sapphire eyes give her an extraordinary and exotic beauty, and are complimented by her flawlessly creamy complexion. Goncharov tells us that this pretty model’s optimistic personality makes her a joy to photograph.

The first photo we’ve selected from “Polline” is an adorable portrait of this pretty model. Simply stunning, she folds herself neatly before the camera, framed by the sylvan light of the woods. Her pretty sundress can barely contain the ample swell of her bosom, which is highlighted by the necklace that swings loosely from her neck. Her hair hangs in heavy cascades around her face and shoulders, adding sensuality to her simple pose.

Sofi’s charms are amply evident in the second photo, which shows the lovely Ukrainian leaning casually against a bank of wooden logs. In this photo, Sofi has peeled off the demure top of her sundress to reveal the sensuous curve of her pillowy bosom and tiny waist. Bathed in afternoon light, her sapphire eyes sparkle luminously, as she addresses the camera with girlish grace. She allows a slight smile to cross her pretty pink lips.

Sofi is adorable, sensuous, and beautiful in the final feature portrait. Nestled into a wooden corner, she opens her legs widely and allows the hem of her skirt to ride up over her knees. From this intimate position, the camera offers a generous view of the dark and feminine folds of flesh between her slender hips. The model hugs her torso sensuously, drawing attention to the swell of her full breasts.

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