09 May

Iga A: “Everyday” by Michael White

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Iga A: “Everyday” by Michael WhiteWhite’s artistic philosophy of focusing on the erotic potential of everyday situations is on display.

The title and content of this series reflects White’s artistic philosophy of focusing on the erotic potential of everyday situations. Iga is a spirited and creative eighteen-year-old that resides in the United Kingdom. The red-haired teen is dressed for this photo shoot in a tight-fitted gray knit pullover dress and white sneakers. She looks as if she’s on her way to a day of classes at her university where she studies Music.

The model’s attire is casual but her womanly figure is attention-grabbing even beneath her unassuming dress. Iga is a buxom girl with beautiful natural breasts. Her waist is slim and tapered. Her hips are full and proportioned perfectly to the rest of the model’s physique. Iga’s shoulder-length tresses frame her sweet youthful face. The color of her tresses is fiery like this girl’s passionate and emotional personality.

Iga is a musician. She plays several instruments including the guitar and the piano. She has a melodious singing voice. She’s the lead in an all-girl band in the U.K. and enjoys writing original songs for the group to perform. There’s definitely more to this girl than her gorgeous face and body. White was impressed with her ambition and connected with her on a creative level. Their collaboration on this gallery results in a memorable collection.

This photo shoot can actually be divided into two parts. There are a series of outdoor pictures while the remaining photographs capture Iga inside her London apartment. The cover photograph pictures a large image of the teen completely nude and a smaller image of Iga dressed outdoors. The nude image of the model highlights her gorgeous face and her full bosom. She appears demure and shy though there’s a hint of mischief twinkling behind her dark eyes.

The first photograph featured from “Everyday” pictures Iga leaning over the back of a sofa gazing sidelong at the camera with her expressive eyes. The angle of the teen’s face accentuates her smooth taut cheeks and strong chin dimpled with a slight charming cleft. The model’s eyes are framed by prominent arched brows. Iga’s brand of beauty is unique.

White offers an image centering on Iga’s derriere. The teen is wearing a pair of ruffled pink thong panties that underscore the curves of the model’s hips and buttocks. Iga rests one of her hands on her hips while kneeling on the sofa.

Iga’s amazing feminine form is showcased in the final image highlighted from this gallery. The teen’s physique is simply stunning. Her ivory flesh is incredibly smooth and beckons to be caressed.

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